Representation in big endian form using vhdl

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Representation in big endian form using vhdl

Postby jimcomccabe » Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:00 am

Hi, i want to do a silly question..
i have a task that says the following:
You have a message M which is len1 bits.(So let's say that M(0 to 7)<="11001100" and thus len1(0 to 3)<="1000").Append the bit 1 to the end of the message M followed by 384-1-len1mod512 (len1 here at its integer form of course,so len1 here is 8).And now is the part that i am confused a bit.It says append the 128-bit block that is equal to the number len1(so here it means the number 8)expressed using a binary representation in big endian form.

So in the case :
M(0 to 7)<="11001100";
len1(0 to 3)<="1000";
the outcome according to the previous would be:
out(0 to 511)<="1100110010..0(383)0...01000";
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